Test d’ingresso ai corsi di preparazione per l’esame PET

Giovedì 2 ottobre alle ore 13.30 si svolgerà in Aula Video il test d’ingresso ai corsi di preparazione per l’esame PET

School Year 2014-2015

Afternoon Course of English at Liceo Virgilio for PET (Preliminary English Test – level B1) Cambridge examination

Teachers: proff. Grazia Maria Bertini, Adriana Patarino

Entry Test (written) on Thursday 2nd October at 1.30 pm in Aula Video, 1st Floor (no dictionaries permitted)

There are two courses offered. They both last 30 hours, from October to March 2015.

The two-hour lessons will be held once or twice a week from 2.30 pm to 4.30 pm on the days when the school is open (Monday, Wednesday or Thursday).

Students have to attend the lessons regularly. Taking the course also requires regular study at home, more intensive immediately before the final test. A credito formativo is granted to all the students in the triennio who attend the course regularly.

The examination will be taken on the summer sessions of May or June 2015 at the British Council in Rome and the results will be ready within about five weeks after the test.

The cost for the PET course amounts to about € 150  (enrolment on the course + coursebook) 

The enrolment must be paid before starting the course through “bollettino postale” in favour of Liceo Virgilio.

The examination fee is about € 100, to pay at the end of February (through “bollettino postale” in favour of Liceo Virgilio), if ready to take the exam in the summer session.

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